Biotest's COVID-19 antigen reagent "makes a breakthrough again"


Recently, Biotest has taken another big step in rapid detection technology for the SARS-Cov-2. Through the efforts of the R&D team, Biotest has developed a highly sensitive fluorescent new crown antigen detection reagent and has become a manufacturer that can provide both fluorescence and colloidal gold detection reagents for the Covid-19 antigen. In comparisons of domestic and foreign experiments, the sensitivity of the Covid-19 antigen detection reagents produced by Biotest has reached more than 95% compared with nucleic acid reagents. At the same time, the detection of new coronavirus antigens in nasopharyngeal swabs can be completed at 10-20 minutes, and the results can be automatically interpreted by a fluorescent immunoassay analyzer, which resolves individual differences in results caused by differences in visual interpretation of colloidal gold reagents. Biotest will continue to provide innovative, immediate and high-quality diagnostic products and solutions for the severe and complex global epidemic situation.


Another news: After review and confirmation by the Ministry of Commerce, Biotest's Covid-19 antigen detection reagent has officially entered the list of medical material manufacturers that have obtained foreign standard certification or registration.

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